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Deleting Certificate

Pausing Certificte

Voyager operator periodically (default 5 mins) checks each certificate whether whether it needs to be reissued. If you have a bad configuration (example, bad dns credentials), this can led to rate limit issued with Let’s Encrypt. You can delete the certificate object to stop retries. Alternatively, you can mark the certificate object as spec.paused: true. This will cause Voyager operator to skip checking this certificate for renewals.

Purging Certificate

Deleting a Kubernetes Certificate object will only delete the certificate CRD from Kubernetes. It will not delete the obtained certificate and user account secret from Kubernetes. User have to manually delete these secrets for complete cleanup.

  • Delete Certificate crd.
kubectl delete test-cert
  • Delete Obtained Let’s Encrypt tls certificate
kubectl delete secret tls-test-cert
  • Delete Let’s Encrypt user account Secret
kubectl delete secret test-user-secret