You are looking at the documentation of a prior release. To read the documentation of the latest release, please visit here.

Uninstall Voyager

Please follow the steps below to uninstall Voyager:

  • Delete the deployment and service used for Voyager operator.
$ curl -fsSL | bash

+ kubectl delete deployment -l app=voyager -n kube-system
deployment "voyager-operator" deleted
+ kubectl delete service -l app=voyager -n kube-system
service "voyager-operator" deleted
+ kubectl delete serviceaccount -l app=voyager -n kube-system
No resources found
+ kubectl delete clusterrolebindings -l app=voyager -n kube-system
No resources found
+ kubectl delete clusterrole -l app=voyager -n kube-system
No resources found
  • Now, wait several seconds for Voyager to stop running. To confirm that Voyager operator pod(s) have stopped running, run:
$ kubectl get pods --all-namespaces -l app=voyager
  • To keep a copy of your existing Voyager objects, run:
$ kubectl get --all-namespaces -o yaml > ingress.yaml
$ kubectl get --all-namespaces -o yaml > certificate.yaml
  • To delete existing Voyager objects from all namespaces, run the following command in each namespace one by one.
$ kubectl delete --all --cascade=false
$ kubectl delete --all --cascade=false
  • Delete the old CRD-registration.
kubectl delete crd -l app=voyager